Published/Posted: February 1, 2001

Authors: Murphy, T. E.

DOI: 1721.1/86582

Abstract: The subject of this thesis is the design, analysis, fabrication, and characterization of integrated Bragg grating optical filters. We begin by describing the design and analysis of three essential building blocks needed for integrated Bragg grating filters: waveguides, directional couplers and Bragg gratings. Next, we describe and implement a flexible fabrication methodology for building integrated Bragg gratings filters in two important material systems: doped-glass channel waveguides and silicon-on-insulator ridge waveguides. Finally, we evaluate the performance of the fabricated directional couplers and Bragg gratings, comparing experimental results with theoretical predictions.

T. E. Murphy, "Design, Fabrication and Measurement of Integrated Bragg Grating Optical Filters", PhD Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2001)

Manuscript: Murphy_PhD_Thesis_2001.pdf

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