The Photonics Research Lab, lead by Thomas E. Murphy at the University of Maryland, conducts research related to integrated optics, nanophotonic devices, nonlinear dynamics, terahertz photonics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, microwave photonics, and optical communication systems. Our central goal is to explore new devices and techniques that improve the speed, sensitivity, resolution, and efficiency of optical communication and sensor systems.

  • (OFC 2024) 3D Self-Aligning, Polarization-Independent Fiber-to-Chip Couplers
    Check our our paper at OFC 2024 on Monday at 8:00am (PDT), describing our new design for a polarization-independent coupler from an optical fiber to an on-chip silicon nitride optical waveguide. Trisha Chakraborty will be presenting the work, in place of Ramesh Kudalippalliyalil.
  • Evan Dowling Defends PhD Thesis
    Congratulations to Dr. Evan Dowling (Physics), who on Tuesday 3/5 defended his doctoral thesis entitled “Feedback experiments using entangled photons for polarization control in future quantum networks”
  • Trisha’s manuscript highlighted as an Editor’s Pick in Optical Materials Express
    Congratulations to Trisha Chakraborty, whose manuscript, entitled “Thermo-optic characterization of SU-8 at cryogenic temperature” was just accepted for publication in Optical Materials Express, and has been selected as an Editor’s Pick.
  • Congratulations to Dr. Charles Turner!
    Charles J. Turner defended his thesis, entitled “Advances in the Application of Superconducting and Photonic Circuits to Microwave Radiometers” This thesis was co-advised by Profs. Murphy and Andrew Harris. Much of the experimental work was conducted during Charles’ time at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and also during his current employment at BAE Systems.