The Photonics Research Lab, lead by Thomas E. Murphy at the University of Maryland, conducts research related to integrated optics, nanophotonic devices, nonlinear dynamics, terahertz photonics, nonlinear optics, ultrafast optics, microwave photonics, and optical communication systems. Our central goal is to explore new devices and techniques that improve the speed, sensitivity, resolution, and efficiency of optical communication and sensor systems.

  • Welcome to Nicole Menkart (Clark Doctoral Fellow)
    We’re pleased to welcome Nicole Menkart, who joins the group in the Fall 2020 semester as a new ECE graduate research assistant. Nicole completed her B.S. degree in Physics from Boston College in 2020, and is a recipient of the Clark Doctoral Fellowship.
  • ICYMI: Check out our recorded presentations from CLEO 2020
    Matt Chin, Martin Mittendorff, Ramesh Kudalippalliyalil, Sai Kanth Dacha, Sarvenaz Memarzadeh, and Kunyi Zhang will all have their work featured at this year’s all-virtual CLEO Conference
  • Welcome to Dr. Thomas Butler!
    Thomas Butler joints the Photonics Research Laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher, to help develop our ultrafast near-field microscopy system. Thomas received his PhD in Applied Physics from Cork Institute of Technology in 2016, and has just completed a postdoctoral appointment at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics, where he developed a broadband mid-IR ultrafast […]
  • Laboratory installs new Coherent OPO
    The laboratory received and installed the new Coherent Optical Parametric Oscillator system, to accompany the Coherent Chameleon laser. The new OPO uses a fan-poled PPLN crystal to produce tunable signal and idler pulses with wavelengths ranging from 1100 nm to 4000 nm, and will be used for the new ultrafast NSOM system currently under development.