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Prof. Thomas E. Murphy (Principal Investigator)

Office:  301-405-0030 (ERF 1201J)  – (primary office)
Office:  301-405-6417 (Laboratory for Physical Sciences)
Mobile: 301-852-9729 [SMS]

Taylor Prendergast (Coordinator)

Office:  301-405-4951 (ERF 1201H)


KEB 2130:  301-405-0698
ERF 0205A:  301-405-7470

Billing / Shipping Address

Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics
University of Maryland
Building 223, Room 1203B
Paint Branch Dr.
College Park, MD 20742-3511
Phone: 301-405-5039 (for billing and shipping inquiries)
Fax: 301-314-9437