Published/Posted: December 1, 2002

Authors: Hamilton, S. A.; Robinson, B. S.; Murphy, T. E.; Savage, S. J.; Ippen, E. P.

DOI: 10.1109/JLT.2002.806781

Abstract: We present ultrafast slotted optical time-division multiplexed networks as a viable means of implementing a highly capable next-generation all-optical packet-switched network. Such a network is capable of providing simple network management, the ability to support variable quality-of-service, self-routing of packets, scalability in the number of users, and the use of digital regeneration, buffering, and encryption. We review all-optical switch and Boolean logic gate implementations using an ultrafast nonlinear interferometers (UNIs) that are capable of stable, pattern-independent operation at speeds in excess of 100 Gb/s. We expand the capability provided by the UNI beyond switching and logic demonstrations to include system-level functions such as packet synchronization, address comparison, and rate conversion. We use these advanced all-optical signal processing capabilities to demonstrate a slotted OTDM multiaccess network testbed operating at 112.5 Gb/s line rates with inherent scalability in the number of users and system line rates. We also report on long-haul propagation of short optical pulses in fiber and all-optical 3R regeneration as a viable cost-effective means of extending the long-haul distance of our OTDM network to distances much greater than 100 km.

S. A. Hamilton, B. S. Robinson, T. E. Murphy, S. J. Savage and E. P. Ippen, "100 Gb/s Optical Time-Division Multiplexed Networks", J. Lightw. Technol. 20(12) 2086-2100 (2002)
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Manuscript: Hamilton_20_2086_2002.pdf

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