Published/Posted: December 30, 2010

Authors: Cohen, A. B.; Ravoori, B.; Sorrentino, F.; Murphy, T. E.; Ott, E.; Roy, R.

DOI: 10.1063/1.3530425

arXiv: 1012.1593

Abstract: We present and experimentally demonstrate a technique for achieving and maintaining a global state of identical synchrony of an arbitrary network of chaotic oscillators even when the coupling strengths are unknown and time-varying. At each node an adaptive synchronization algorithm dynamically estimates the current strength of the net coupling signal to that node. We experimentally demonstrate this scheme in a network of three bidirectionally coupled chaotic optoelectronic feedback loops and we present numerical simulations showing its application in larger networks. The stability of the synchronous state for arbitrary coupling topologies is analyzed via a master stability function approach.

A. B. Cohen, B. Ravoori, F. Sorrentino, T. E. Murphy, E. Ott and R. Roy, "Dynamic synchronization of a time-evolving optical network of chaotic oscillators", Chaos 20(4) 043142 (2010)
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Manuscript: Cohen_Chaos_20_043142_2010.pdf

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