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System Description

  • Manufacturer: Dragon Laser (www.dragonlasers.com)
  • Product Name: Green (532 nm) lab laser
  • Model: MGL-III-532-100mW
  • Serial number(s): 11030818, 11121185, 11030712, 12037402 (4 units)
  • Date of purchase: May 2012
  • Location: KEB 2135, ERF 0205a
  • Laser type: Frequency doubled diode pumped solid state (Nd:YAG) laser
  • Laser Classification:  Class IIIb
  • Wavelength: 532 nm (fundamental wavelength: 1064 nm)
  • Repetition Rate: Continuous Wave operation
  • Power: 100 mW
  • Beam Diameter: 1.2 mm FWHM

These laser systems are stored in a wall cabinet located back side of KIM 2135 lab. As of October 15, 2013, one unit (serial#: 11121185) is located on front side optic table for scanning laser writing setup.


  1. Eye/vision:  Visible and/or invisible laser radiation. Avoid eye exposure to direct or scattered radiation. Direct eye contact with the output beam from the laser will cause serious damage and possible blindness.  Appropriate laser safety eyewear must be worn by all personnel present in laboratory while laser is operating

Approved Users

All users must have completed the mandatory Laser Safety training:


Further, all users must receive proper safety training from the PI or other authorized users before operating this laser.  The following are currently authorized users:

  • Kyowon Kim
  • Aaron Hagerstrom

When the laser is in use, a sign should be placed on the door, advising all visitors and laboratory personnel of the wavelengths in use.  All personnel entering the laboratory (whether or not they are using the laser) must wear the appropriate laser safety eyewear.


Hardcopy manual for Green DPSS laser system is available in the laboratory. User can find it in the manual cabinet in KEB 2135 lab.


Recommended safety eyewear: Laser safety industries 130 (OD7+ @ 190-534nm, 1064nm)

Recommended Practices


Laser head must be mounted on heat dissipating surface for stable operation. (Solid aluminum pedestal is recommended.) If heat dissipating surface is not available, aluminum adapter plate (at least 1/2” thick, larger then laser head dimension) may be used. Recommended bottom plate temperature is 25±3°C
Mounting slots on laser head only accommodate ‘M6’ screws (1/4-20 screws don’t fit).

Turning On

  1. Turn on the switch located back of power supply. (Red light turns on)
  2. Turn key to ‘ON’ position. (Green light on, Laser active)
  3. Make sure that the shutter in front of laser head is fully open.
  4. Wait about 15 minutes until the output power be stabilized.

Turning Off

  1. Turn key to ‘OFF’ position. (Green light off)
  2. Turn off the switch located back of power supply. (Red light off)

Any thermo type power meter may be used to measure laser power. For low power (attenuated) beam under 30mW, use diode type power meter for accurate measurement.


No regular maintenance is required.

Emergency Procedures

In emergency, please contact:

  • Thomas E. Murphy (PI), ERF 1201J, 301-405-0030
  • Kyowon Kim (GRA), KEB 2140, 301-405-9614
  • Aaron Hagerstrom (GRA), ERF 0205a, 301-405-7470

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.

Revision History

  • Created:  10/28/2013 (Kyowon Kim)