Published/Posted: March 6, 2022

Authors: Dacha, Sai Kanth; Zhu, Wenqi; Agrawal, Amit; Murphy, Thomas E.

DOI: 10.1364/OFC.2022.W2A.13

Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate that in the presence of Kerr nonlinearity, the spatial pattern caused by unequal excitation of two degenerate spin-orbit anti-aligned modes in an optical fiber exhibits a power-dependent rotation effect.

S. K. Dacha, W. Zhu, A. Agrawal and T. E. Murphy, "Kerr-induced Rotation of Mixed Orbital Angular Momentum States in Hollow Ring-Core Fibers", Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC), San Diego, CA (USA) W2A.13 (2022)