Published/Posted: June 6, 2014

Authors: Park, D. H.; Pagán, V. R.; Murphy, T. E.; Luo, J.; Jen, A.; Herman, W. N.

DOI: 10.1364/CLEO_SI.2014.STu2G.4

Abstract: We report antenna-coupled electro-optic phase modulators operating at Ka-band based on in-plane polymeric waveguides using the nonlinear guest-host polymer SEO125. Design, simulation, fabrication, and experimental results are discussed.

D. H. Park, V. R. Pagán, T. E. Murphy, J. Luo, A. Jen and W. N. Herman, "Free Space Millimeter Wave-Coupled Electro-Optic High Speed Phase Modulator Based on Nonlinear Optical Polymer In-Plane Waveguide Structure", Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics (CLEO), San Jose, CA (USA) STu2G.4 (2014)