Published/Posted: January 1, 2003

Authors: Younger, R. D.; Hargreaves, J. J.; Murphy, T. E.; Juodawlkis, P. W.

DOI: 10.1109/LEOSST.2003.1224335

Abstract: Investigation of the timing jitter generated by propagating high-power optical pulses through short lengths of optical fiber is presented. It is measured using the phase-encoded optical sampling technique. Comparisons are made between measured and simulated results.

R. D. Younger, J. J. Hargreaves, T. E. Murphy and P. W. Juodawlkis, "Timing jitter in short-distance pulsed-analog optical fiber links", LEOS Summer Topical Meetings, San Diego, CA (USA) MC4.4/26 (2003)