Published/Posted: June 9, 2013

Authors: Pagán, V. R.; Wathen, J. J.; Wang, K.-Y.; Foster, A. C.; Murphy, T. E.

DOI: 10.1364/CLEO_QELS.2013.QTh4E.6

Abstract: We report measurements of the non-instantaneous nonlinear response of hydrogenated amorphous silicon nanowire waveguides at telecommunications wavelengths. We compare the results to those obtained with similar crystalline silicon nanowires.

V. R. Pagán, J. J. Wathen, K.-Y. Wang, A. C. Foster and T. E. Murphy, "Non-Instantaneous Optical Nonlinearities in a-Si:H Nanowire Waveguides", Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics, San Jose, CA (USA) QTh4E.6 (2013)