Published/Posted: June 9, 2013

Authors: Cai, X.; Suess, R. J.; Sushkov, A. B.; Murphy, T. E.; Fuhrer, M. S.; Drew, H. D.

DOI: 10.1364/CLEO_SI.2013.CTh4J.7

Abstract: The responsivity of a monolayer graphene photodetector based on the photo-thermoelectric effect was measured at room temperature for dc, terahertz, and optical frequencies and found to be approximately 81, 188, and 18 V/W respectively.

X. Cai, R. J. Suess, A. B. Sushkov, T. E. Murphy, M. S. Fuhrer and H. D. Drew, "Broadband Responsivity of a Graphene Photodetector", Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics (CLEO), San Jose, CA (USA) CTh4J (2013)