Published/Posted: January 1, 2001

Authors: Khan, M. J.; Lim, M.; Joyner, C.; Murphy, T. E.; Haus, H. A.; Smith, H. I.

DOI: 10.1109/LEOSST.2001.941948

Abstract: Bragg gratings are useful components for use as optical add/drop filters. Integrated gratings offer the advantages of smaller size and large-scale manufacturability over commercially available fiber Bragg gratings. Integrated Bragg grating structures were fabricated in an InGaAsP-InP material system. This paper describes their measurement and characterization.

M. J. Khan, M. Lim, C. Joyner, T. E. Murphy, H. A. Haus and H. I. Smith, "Integrated Bragg grating structures", LEOS Summer Topical Meetings, Copper Mountain, CO (USA) (2001)