Published/Posted: January 1, 2008

Authors: Lenihan, A. S.; Salem, R.; Astar, W.; Murphy, T. E.; Carter, G. M.

DOI: 10.1109/LEOSWT.2008.4444395

Abstract: We describe a technique for achieving polarization-independent nonlinear interactions in a short nonlinear fiber, through the residual birefringence of the fiber. We apply this method to all-optical demultiplexing of high data rate signals.

A. S. Lenihan, R. Salem, W. Astar, T. E. Murphy and G. M. Carter, "High-speed polarization independent demultiplexing using birefringent nonlinear fiber", LEOS Winter Topical Meetings, Sorrento (Italy) 53-54 (2008)