Published/Posted: February 1, 2007

Authors: Haas, B. M.; Murphy, T. E.

DOI: 10.1109/AVFOP.2007.4365723

Abstract: Optical phase modulators (PMs) present advantages over Mach-Zehnder intensity modulators (MZMs) for microwave signal relay applications, including lower optical loss and bias-free operation (Bucholtz et al., 2006). However, unlike quadrature-biased MZMs, PMs do not automatically suppress second-order harmonic and sum/difference frequencies, limiting their utility to suboctave signals. The authors describe recent experimental results that show suppression of second-order distortion using a single PM by adapting a previously reported technique by Haas and Murphy (2007). This development enables broadband operation of an optical PM link with a spur-free dynamic range (SFDR) as good as that of a traditional MZM-based link.

B. M. Haas and T. E. Murphy, "Multi-Octave Microwave Transmission Over Fiber with a Single Optical Phase Modulator", Avionics, Fiber-Optics and Photonics Technology Conference (AVFOP), Victoria, BC (Canada) 11-12 (2007)