Published/Posted: June 2, 2020

Authors: Jadidi, Mohammad M.; Sushkov, Andrei B.; Gaskill, David Kurt; Fuhrer, Michael; Drew, Howard Dennis; Murphy, Thomas E.

Abstract: A new approach to graphene-enabled plasmonic resonant structures in the THz is demonstrated in a hybrid graphene-metal design in which the graphene acts as a gate-tunable inductor, and metal acts as a capacitive reservoir for charge accumulation, A large resonant absorption in graphene can be achieved using the metal-graphene plasmonic scheme, and the peak can approach 100% in an optimized device, ideal for graphene-based THz detectors. Using high mobility graphene (μ > 50000 cm2V-1S-1) will allow anomalously high resonant THz transmission (near 100%) through ultra-subwavelength graphene-filled metallic apertures at a resonance frequency that is gate tunable. This metal-graphene plasmonic scheme enables near perfect tunable THz filter or modulator.

M. M. Jadidi, A. B. Sushkov, D. K. Gaskill, M. Fuhrer, H. D. Drew and T. E. Murphy, "Hybrid metal-graphene terahertz optoelectronic system with tunable plasmonic resonance and method of fabrication", US Patent 10672933 (2000)

Manuscript: Jadidi-10672933-2020.pdf