Published/Posted: January 6, 2018

Authors: Hart, J. D.; Schmadel, D. C.; Murphy, T. E.; Roy, R.

DOI: 10.1063/1.5016047

arXiv: 1712.02695

Abstract: We report a new experimental approach using an optoelectronic feedback loop to investigate the dynamics of oscillators coupled on large complex networks with arbitrary topology. Our implementation is based on a single optoelectronic feedback loop with time delays. We use the space-time interpretation of systems with time delay to create large networks of coupled maps. Others have performed similar experiments using high-pass filters to implement the coupling; this restricts the network topology to the coupling of only a few nearest neighbors. In our experiment, the time delays and coupling are implemented on a field-programmable gate array, allowing the creation of networks with arbitrary coupling topology. This system has many advantages: the network nodes are truly identical, the network is easily reconfigurable, and the network dynamics occur at high speeds. We use this system to study cluster synchronization and chimera states in both small and large networks of different topologies.

J. D. Hart, D. C. Schmadel, T. E. Murphy and R. Roy, "Experiments with arbitrary networks in time-multiplexed delay systems", Chaos 27(12) 121103 (2017)
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Manuscript: Hart_Chaos_27_121103_2017.pdf

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