Published/Posted: October 14, 2015

Authors: Cai, X.; Suess, R. J.; Drew, H. D.; Murphy, T. E.; Yan, J.; Fuhrer, M. S.

DOI: 10.1038/srep14803

Abstract: We use an ultra-fast near-infrared pulse coincidence technique to study the time, temperature, and power dependence of the photoresponse of a bi-metal contacted graphene photodetector. We observe two components of the photovoltage signal. One component is gate-voltage dependent, linear in power at room temperature and sub-linear at low temperature-consistent with the hot-electron photothermoelectric effect due to absorption in the graphene. The power dependence is consistent with supercollision-dominated cooling in graphene. The other component is gate-voltage independent and linear in temperature and power, which we interpret as due to thermoelectricity of the metal electrodes due to differential light absorption.

X. Cai, R. J. Suess, H. D. Drew, T. E. Murphy, J. Yan and M. S. Fuhrer, "Pulsed Near-IR Photoresponse in a Bi-metal Contacted Graphene Photodetector", Sci. Rep. 514803 (2015)
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Manuscript: Cai_SciRep_5_14803_2015.pdf

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