Published/Posted: January 25, 2024

Authors: Chakraborty, T.; Jimenez Gordillo, O. A.; Barrow, M.; Kramer, A. R.; Lipson, M.; Murphy, T. E.; Grutter, K. E.

DOI: 10.1364/OME.509626

Abstract: We measured the optical transmission through an SU-8 microring resonator inside a cryostat and analyzed the shift of the resonant wavelengths to determine the thermo-optic behavior around a wavelength of 1600 nm. As the temperature was decreased from room temperature (RT) to 3K, the refractive index of crosslinked SU-8 was measured to increase from 1.571 to 1.584, while the thermo-optic coefficient decreased by two orders of magnitude.

T. Chakraborty, O. A. Jimenez Gordillo, M. Barrow, A. R. Kramer, M. Lipson, T. E. Murphy and K. E. Grutter, "Thermo-optic characterization of SU-8 at cryogenic temperature", Opt. Mater. Express 14(2) 435-444 (2024)
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Manuscript: Chakraborty_OE_14_435_2024.pdf

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