Published/Posted: November 18, 2023

Authors: Han, Jeong Woo; Sai, Pavlo; But, Dmytro B.; Uykur, Ece; Winnerl, Stephan; Kumar, Gagan; Chin, Matthew L.; Myers-Ward, Rachael L.; Dejarld, Matthew T.; Daniels, Kevin M.; Murphy, Thomas E.; Knap, Wojciech; Mittendorff, Martin

DOI: 10.1038/s41467-023-43412-x

Abstract: Strong circularly polarized excitation opens up the possibility to generate and control effective magnetic fields in solid state systems, e.g., via the optical inverse Faraday effect or the phonon inverse Faraday effect. While these effects rely on material properties that can be tailored only to a limited degree, plasmonic resonances can be fully controlled by choosing proper dimensions and carrier concentrations. Plasmon resonances provide new degrees of freedom that can be used to tune or enhance the light-induced magnetic field in engineered metamaterials. Here we employ graphene disks to demonstrate light-induced transient magnetic fields from a plasmonic circular current with extremely high efficiency. The effective magnetic field at the plasmon resonance frequency of the graphene disks (3.5 THz) is evidenced by a strong ( ~1 degree) ultrafast Faraday rotation ( ~ 20 ps). In accordance with reference measurements and simulations, we estimated the strength of the induced magnetic field to be on the order of 0.7 T under a moderate pump fluence of about 440 nJ cm-2.

J. W. Han, P. Sai, D. B. But, E. Uykur, S. Winnerl, G. Kumar, M. L. Chin, R. L. Myers-Ward, M. T. Dejarld, K. M. Daniels, T. E. Murphy, W. Knap and M. Mittendorff, "Strong transient magnetic fields induced by THz-driven plasmons in graphene disks", Nat. Commun. 14(1) 7493 (2023)
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