Published/Posted: November 9, 2020

Authors: Kudalippalliyalil, R.; Murphy, T. E.; Grutter, K. E.

DOI: 10.1364/OE.405188

Abstract: The property of self-imaging combined with the polarization birefringence of the angled multimode waveguide is used to design a silicon nitride (SiN) polarization splitter (PS) at 1550 nm. The demonstrated PS on a 450 nm thick SiN device layer (with 2.5 um cladding oxide) has a footprint of 80 um x 13 um and exhibits nearly wavelength independent performance over the C+L bands. Also, the device can be configured as a polarization combiner (PC) in reverse direction with similar bandwidth and performance. The measured crosstalk (CT) and insertion loss (IL) are respectively <-18 dB (<-20 dB) and ~0.7 dB (~0.8 dB) for TE (TM) polarization over the measurement wavelength range of 1525-1625 nm. The measured device parameter variations suggest some tolerance to fabrication variations. Such a device is a good candidate for a photonics integrated chip (PIC) foundry-compatible, SiN PS.

R. Kudalippalliyalil, T. E. Murphy and K. E. Grutter, "Low-loss and ultra-broadband silicon nitride angled MMI polarization splitter/combiner", Opt. Express 28(23) 34111-34122 (2020)
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Manuscript: Kudalippalliyalil_OE_23_34111_2020.pdf

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