Published/Posted: November 1, 1995

Authors: Wong, V. V.; Ferrera, J.; Damask, J. N.; Murphy, T. E.; Smith, H. I.; Haus, H. A.

DOI: 10.1116/1.588305

Abstract: The design, fabrication, and measurement of planar, passive Bragg grating-based transmission filters is presented. We combine interferometric lithography, spatial-phase-locked electron-beam lithography, x-ray nanolithography, and optical lithography with silica-on-silicon waveguiding substrates to define rib waveguides and grating patterns that have multiple quarter-wave shifts along the grating length. Transmission filters such as Gaussian, Butterworth, and Chebyshev can be designed and fabricated with these technologies.

V. V. Wong, J. Ferrera, J. N. Damask T. E. Murphy, H. I. Smith and H. A. Haus, "Distributed Bragg grating integrated-optical filters: Synthesis and fabrication", J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B 13(6) 2859-2864 (1995)
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Manuscript: Wong_JVSTB_13_2859_1995.pdf

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