Our research will be featured in 5 different talks/posters this year at CLEO 2014 in San Jose:

  • Suess, R. J.; Cai, X.; Jadidi, M. M.; Sushkov, A. B.; Jenkins, G. S.; Yan, J.; Nyakiti, L. O.; Myers-Ward, R. L.; Gaskill, D. K.; Murphy, T. E.; Drew, H. D.; Fuhrer, M. S., “Characterization of Fast Temporal Photoresponse in a Broadband Graphene Photodetector”, FTu2B.3 (2014)
  • Park, D. H.; Pagán, V. R.; Murphy, T. E.; Luo, J.; Jen, A.; Herman, W. N., “Free Space Millimeter Wave-Coupled Electro-Optic High Speed Phase Modulator Based on Nonlinear Optical Polymer In-Plane Waveguide Structure”, STu2G.4 (2014)
  • Li, S.; Kumar, G.; Murphy, T. E., “Terahertz Absorption Saturation in Intrinsic Silicon Dielectric Ridge Waveguides”, Conference on Lasers and Electrooptics (CLEO), San Jose, CA (USA) STh3F.3 (2014)
  • Kumar, G.; Li, S.; Jadidi, M. M.; Murphy, T. E., “Anisotropically Etched Silicon Surfaces for Planar Plasmonic Terahertz Guided Wave Devices”, JW2A.97 (2014)
  • Apiratikul, P.; Porkolab, G.; Wathen, J. J.; Wang, B.; Murphy, T. E.; Richardson, C. J. K., “Low-loss AlGaAs waveguide performance enhancement for continuous-wave four-wave mixing”, STh1I.8 (2014)